We recommend assembling a squad of up to 20 team members- all of whom would be given sponsor forms by the team co-ordinator- the Captain- to begin collecting funds for charity.

How many people in a team?

Each team consists of between 12 and 16 paddlers, plus one drummer who sits at the front and beats the rhythm for the paddlers to keep to.

Are there age limits and requirements?

Dragon Boat Events ask that no paddler is under the age of 12 but there is no upper age limit. Each paddler will need to be confident in the water, being able to swim unaided while wearing a life jacket for at least 50 metres- in the extremely unlikely event of an incident- though this has not happened in 19 years of our running this event.

Do you have to provide your own boat?  

No- Dragon Boat Events bring all boats.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes indeed- and full safety instructions are given too- its very well managed by Dragon Boat Events.

How many teams can enter?

Maximum teams permitted on the day by Dragon Boat Events is 30.

Is there a deadline to register?

We have no real deadline to enter though we are limited by the number of boats that the event can take- as above- 30. To be sure to give your team of paddlers and supporters enough time to achieve the sponsorships, we would suggest registering by no later than mid- April. Subject to there being spaces still at that point, it would also ensure your team is printed in the event brochure.

How do I go about raising sponsorship?

You can use the downloadable sponsorform – CLICK HERE  and then edit it for your own use before circulating to team members.

But what is increasingly becoming popular is online sponsoring. By giving prospective sponsors the web location of your own team page, sponsorship can me made directly.

We only use the online giving platform of Give as You Live- click the link below to begin the set up procedure. We are not registered with any other on line giving portal.


Please call Mike on 07976612276 if you would like help or advice in setting up the on line sponsor option.

You create an event in your team name and then select the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton Charitable Trust as the charity to support. On line payments only work if a registered charity is the recipient of funds.

You will need the Rotary Club’s Charitable Trust charity number to set up the page- this number is 220492.  We recommend  Give as You Live because their charges are good and their administration is excellent so we can easily identify donations and make sure they go to the right team account.

Everything donated received via your page is logged, then applicable gift aid is added by Give as you live then  50% of the total is returned to you for forwarding on to your chosen good cause.

Is it mixed teams or male/female teams?  

Teams can be made however you choose.

What happens on the day?    

Teams gather and set up their gazebos in the team village- assembling their catering too if they have it. Barbecues can be used but must be gas- not solid fuel. You must also have a CO2 fire extinguisher with you. Just in case!  The pitch is approx 8m square so there is plenty of room for the team, a gazebo and no more than one vehicle.

What time would team’s need to be on site.

Racing begins at about 10.00am following team safety briefing and registration so we recommend teams to arrive from 8.30am to 9.00am.

How many times do they race?

Each team will race a minimum of three races during the heats and team members can be swapped using any members of the squad- so long as every team member has received the safety briefing.    There then will be a minor final to appoint places 12 to 7 followed by a major final for places 1 to 6.

What would each team member have to do?

A team member- a paddler- should hopefully provide on average £50 of sponsorship. The grand total of the monies raised are handed in to our treasurer (can be after the event of course- who then collects any gift aid that’s applicable. He then sends 50% back to the team Captain, or co-ordinator, who then distributes to the teams chosen charity. The remaining 50% is retained by the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton’s Charitable Trust for distribution to our chosen good causes.

How long does the event go on for?

If you are lucky enough (or fast enough) to be in the major final- the last race- you would be on your way home by about 3.30pm approx. Clearly it could  be earlier if you do not make the finals. Think positive though!

Are there other things going on at Himley Park while the event is running?     

Yes- there are some stands and stalls on site with food and drink vendors and plenty of toilets!

Can alcohol be purchased on site?   

There are no alcohol vendors on site. The use of alcohol by teams, while it is permitted, it is fair to say that generally speaking, alcohol and water don’t mix too well. Certainly excessive alcohol anyway. Please take care.

are keen that everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.